About Us








After enduring many trials and challenges related to health and wellness issues and undergoing countless treatments, we decided as a family to start a wellness centre that is beneficial for all.

Power2Health was established in 2019 after successful research with proven results that guided us to “must” have wellness products and treatments. We discovered that in South Africa there is a lack of affordable treatments which improves the quality of a person’s life.

Our slogan is encored in our heart: “One life, one chance, live your life to the fullest.”

At Power2Health we strive to inspire you to live your life to the fullest, by taking action today!

Our Commitment

At Power2Health you are not just another client, you are an individual who we truly focus on to improving your life by attending to your health and beauty needs and concerns. We care about what your goals are and what you want to achieve with our treatments. That’s why we personally attend and guide you to the best suited treatment in health and beauty for you as an individual. Our focus is on a “whole-person wellness” that addresses all your needs.

We cater for all ages and needs in the health and beauty industry. Whether it’s just a quick fix to a sun-kissed tan, before an unplanned holiday or maybe a few sessions in one of our hyperbaric oxygen chambers to boost your immune system (just one of many advantages when using this amazing technology)

We believe in delivering the up most best service at all times. Our goal as a team is to help all our clients to improve not just theirself but their lifestyle.

All our employees are professionally trained and qualified to take the best care of you during your visit with us.