Tanning Booth


Many people go to tanning salons today for different reasons. For most it’s just for beauty purposes, but many people are also referred by their doctors due to depression or vitamin D deficiency. According to eHow, “UV light produces and releases beta-endorphin. Beta-endorphin is an opium-like chemical best known for providing the sense of well-being, or “runners high,”…” Sun-kissed skin looks healthier, according to the beauty experts. It’s something that many women and men dream of having all year round. With our Tanning Booth, your dream can become a reality!


People who are claustrophobic, and those with back issues, find a session in lay-down tanning bed nothing less than a torture session! There are many things that place stand up tanning bed ahead of the normal lay down tanning beds. Since we are used to only the former one, we don’t normally check out the pros of stand up tanning beds. Benefits include even coverage and more exposure, less time is required, claustrophobia becomes less of a problem, no need to turn over, no pressure point issues or bed creases, and no hygiene concerns since you’re not touching the sides! It’s the simpler, easier, higher quality and cleaner option.


As with any tanning bed, there are risks if you practice unsafe habits. When using the Tan Can, ensure that your session never exceeds 10 minutes. The recommended time, depending on your skin type and sunlight sensitivity, is between 5 – 10 minutes. Going in for longer sessions can result in the equivalent of a bad sunburn. For safety, always keep your eyes protected, and never look directly at the lights without protection. As long as you don’t misuse the Tan Can, the risks are almost non-existent..


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